Skin Pigmentation

Melasma – Skin Pigmentation

Beauty Works London offers natural pigmentation removal treatment with the help of Cutera Laser. Cutera Laser is very effective in treating skin redness, birth marks and brown spots.

Pigmentation causes discolouring of the skin and can be caused by sun exposure, hormone changes during pregnancy or ‘age spots’, which are a visible sign of ageing. Whatever the cause, If pigmentation is affecting your self confidence, there are solutions to correcting this skin imperfection and creating a flawless complexion, depending on your skin colour and complexion.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy works by emitting a range of different wavelengths in each pulse of light, which target areas of pigmentation and significantly reduces their appearance, allowing the skin to rejuvenate. To really benefit from the accumulative results of multiple treatments, we recommend a course of 6 IPL sessions.

Click here for more information about our IPL treatment for pigmentation in north London.

Miraculous in the results it delivers, the Cutera Laser offers a quick, painless and highly effective solution to skin pigmentation. This powerful laser is truly the most effective medical laser currently available for skin correction and rejuvenation and is the perfect compliment to other anti-ageing treatments available at Beauty Works London. While results are clearly visible after one laser treatment, we advise a course of 6 treatments to experience the accumulative benefit.

Click here for more information about our Cutera Laser treatment for pigmentation in London.

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