Semi-Permanent Make Up


Semi Permanent Makeup

Do you ever dream you could wake up in the morning looking as good as you did the night before? With semi permanent make up, that dream can effortlessly become a reality. Whether you lead a really busy life and would love a time-saving solution to the daily routine of putting on makeup or you just want to enhance your natural features, 24/7, semi permanent make up is an amazing way to ditch the eyeliner, mascara and lipstick for good!

The most popular areas to enhance are the eyes, eyebrows and lips. Semi-permanent makeup is also the perfect way to restore thin, over-plucked or sparse eyebrows, so they are thicker and perfectly shaped. While semi-permanent eyeliner defines the eyes, full and beautifully shaped eyebrows really frame the eyes and create a natural anti-ageing lift.

Subtly adding a blush of colour to the lips, creates a naturally fuller effect, adds warmth to the complexion and balances the facial features. For a more glamorous look, a full lip colour can create a dramatic result. Semi permanent make up is so versatile in the looks it can create, from enhancing your natural beauty to a full glamour effect, as long as you are in the safe hands of a highly trained and experienced practitioner.

For over 20 years, Beauty Works London’s founder, Tracey Smythe has been specialising in semi-permanent makeup and believes it is the professional experience and artistry of the practitioner that ensures the semi-permanent makeup beautifully enhances a client’s features:

“When a new client comes to Beauty Works London for semi-permanent makeup, I magnify or correct their
features so it complements their skin tone, eye and hair colour and creates a fresh and natural look. They can then use this as a natural base for adding conventional makeup for an evening out. But if a client is looking for a consistently more dramatic look, like a ‘smoky eye’ effect, semi permanent make up is a perfect alternative to conventional makeup.”

Tracey Smythe – Cosmotologist

All semi-permanent makeup options and prices

Cosmotologist Tracey Smythe
Eyebrow Correction£200
Eyeliner – fine£200
Eyeliner – medium£250
Eyeliner – thick£300
Lip Line£250
Full Lip£400
Lip Blush£300
Lip Line Correction£200
Beauty Spot£80
Touch Up£80

Click here to book your FREE semi-permanent makeup consultation with Tracey Smythe or call 020 8340 8069


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