Male Intimate Waxing

Male Intimate Waxing


Male intimate waxing in London is no longer considered a treatment exclusively associated with women. As fashion has changed and men are taking more interest in male grooming, we are finding more and more men, regardless of their sexual orientation, are seeking to add male intimate waxing to their personal care regime.

Waxing is the longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique currently available, leaving you hair free for up to six weeks, depending on your personal hair growth cycle. At Beauty Works London, we offer strip wax and hot Lycon wax, and are dedicated to ensuring your waxing experience is as gentle and painless as possible.

There are several benefits of male intimate waxing offered by Beauty Works London:

Unlike shaving, waxing avoids issues such as ingrown hairs, cuts and irritated skin, as the hair follicle is pulled directly from the root, taking much longer for the hair to regrow.

Following the wax treatment, the hair grows back softer, unlike the rapid and itchy regrowth experienced with other forms of hair removal.

If the waxing is performed every four weeks, the hair will become finer and regrowth will be much slower.

If you are looking for professional male intimate waxing in north London treatment, then Beauty Works London is the perfect destination. With over 25 years in the personal grooming industry, our highly trained waxing specialists will ensure you receive a comfortable experience within a discreet environment and leave with after care advice to guarantee you enjoy the effects of male intimate waxing.

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