IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments improves the tone and texture of the skin; it reduces visible signs of ageing. IPL treats a range of facial imperfections such as skin discoloration, sun damage, freckles, age spots, rosacea, etc. safely without disruption to the skin’s surface.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a popular non-invasive clinical treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to reduce hair growth and correct skin imperfections. Unwanted thread veins, acne scarring, rosacea and pigmentation can be greatly diminished by repeated IPL treatments. While some skin concerns are permanently treated following a course of IPL, others may require a combination approach to gain the maximum benefit.


Hair Removal

IPL works its magic beneath the skin’s surface by targeting the melanin in dark hair, helping to break the cycle of hair re-growth. Because hairs grow in cycles, IPL rejuvenation treatments need to be repeated in order to target hair follicles that were dormant during previous treatment sessions. With continued, periodic treatments, the light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin’s surface. As IPL is generally ineffective for treating fair hair, we recommend a course of Cutera Laser treatments as an powerful and effective solution to removing unwanted lighter-coloured hair.

All IPL hair removal options and prices

Consultation & Patch Test £10
Full Face (excluding neck) £70
Full Face (including neck)£100
Neck £50
Upper Lip £35
Chin £35
Upper Lip & Chin £55
Cheeks / Jawline £40
Brow Centre £30
Brow Top £40
Underarm £40
Half Arm £50
Full Arm £70
Shoulder £40
Breast (nipple area) £70
Chest £70
Abdomen £35
Stomach £55
Bikini £40
High Bikini £50
Brazillian £85
Hollywood £105
Uppler or Lower Back £55
Full Back £100
Upper or Lower Leg £55
Full Leg £100
Hands £35
Feet £35
Additional £10 for shaving will be added for each area. Buy a course of 6 and get 1 free

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Skin Rejuvenation & Correction

Skin blemishes and scars on the face and body caused by birthmarks, acne, thread veins, rosacea, sun damage and the aging process can really affect self confidence, so it is comforting to know that IPL therapy can correct these issues. By emitting a range of different wavelengths in each pulse of light, IPL therapy is able to target areas in the skin that are different in colour to the surrounding tissue and significantly reduce their appearance, allowing the skin to rejuvenate. To really benefit from the accumulative results of multiple treatments, we recommend a course of 6 IPL sessions.

All IPL skin rejuvenation & correction options and pricess

IPL Face & Neck for treatment of pigmentaion, rosacea and acne  £75
IPL Chest for treatment of pigmentation, rosacea and acne from £75
IPL Hands and Arms for treatment of pigmentation from £75

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