Try Green Peel for Glowing Skin

Try Green Peel for Glowing Skin

A beautiful skin begins with dedicated skin care. Good skin care is an important task of graceful ageing. Beauty is not just a facial issue; it is a serious skin care consideration to be taken from head to toe.

Over time skin gets drier and tougher, more wrinkles and sagging occurs due to factors such as ageing, use of chemicals and environmental factors. It is a big challenge to maintain a good and healthy skin.

Green Peel- an easy way for skin care:

“Green Peel” is a wonderful process that gives you an even and glowing skin and protects your skin from further damage.

It is an herbal peeling treatment that is 100% dermatologically tested and medically developed by Dr Christine Schrammek. Green Peel acts as the best solution for many skin problems like acne, seborrheic skin, uneven pigmentation, stretches, wrinkles and much more.

Green Peel therapy for your skin type:

There are three types of Green Peel therapy provided for specific skin types.

  • GREEN PEEL® Classic:  Best for various skin problems. The therapy renews and regenerates the skin
  • GREEN PEEL® Energy: This therapy gives energy to the skin and increases the blood circulation and offers natural improvement of the skin tone.
  • GREEN PEEL® Fresh-Up: exclusively for skin freshness.  The herbs are pushed into your skin through gentle massaging, the skin instantly looks brighter and fresher, open poor appearance is reduced, you can see it works.

How Green Peel Classic activates your skin?

  • It is a five-day process where your skin is completely cleansed and moisturised and given a new look. This therapy is best suited for uneven pigmentation, sun damage, premature skin ageing and scars.
  • The first step is a discussion with the therapist about your skin type and skin problem.
  • Next, the cleansing process starts with the soft cleansing milk followed by a skin lotion. Now that the therapist understands your skin, she can analyse it and provide you with the best treatment plan.

  • This classic green peel contains an “Herbal mixture” composed of spirulina and other active herbal ingredients.
  • These microparticles penetrate the skin and activate the blood circulation and the cells making it fresh and eliminating the toxins and dead cells.
  • By peeling the dried mask on your skin, you can feel the changes and this is best carried out by the beauty therapist but if you wish you can get the kit.

Beauty Works London – your beauty partner:

We provide skilled beauty therapists who will assist you in making your skin healthy and glowing. Visit our website or call us for an appointment:  020 8340 8069.


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